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Group Coaching

Corporate Wellness

There are many benefits to implementing an effective employee wellness program.   These programs are designed to help employees incorporate healthier lifestyle choices, thereby decreasing the risk of developing preventable diseases and chronic illnesses.

Having healthier employees leads to increased productivity, decreased medical costs, less time off work due to illness and/or injury, and an overall happier work environment.

A corporate wellness program can be designed to accommodate your company's specific health needs and interests.  Schedule a free discovery session for your company today, and get your employees on the right path to wellness. 

Workshops & Seminars

Are you ready to have some fun?!!  We are available to give any one of a variety of "Health Talks" to your group. 


We can also schedule an interactive class/workshop for your next group meeting.  This is a great way to bond and get to know each other a little better - all while improving your health.


Get in touch, and share a little bit about your group to book an event.  

**Disclaimer**  The purpose of this web page is to provide information.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition or illness.  Furthermore, it is not meant to be a substitute for advice from your family physician.

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